Step 1 – Contact

Contact us to arrange a free initial meeting, to discuss your requirements. We aim to get an understanding of your situation in order to ensure that we are the right firm to assist you.


Step 2 – Fee basis  

The basis of our fee for the services you are seeking will be agreed at this stage.


Step 3 – Legalities

If you choose to engage us, the law requires that we comply with anti-money laundering rules. You will therefore need to provide photographic evidence of identity, in the form of your passport or similar and documentary evidence of your address, such as a recent utility bill.

Step 4 – Engagement

We will issue a letter of engagement, outlining the terms and conditions of our agreement, which both parties sign. You will be provided with a copy for your records.

Step 5 – Existing accountant?

If you have an existing accountant you will need to inform them of your decision to appoint us. We will then write to them to confirm that there is no professional reason why we should not act for you. They will also often be in a position to give us useful information, to facilitate the smooth handover of your affairs.


We believe that choosing the right accountant is very important and we will be pleased to arrange for you to speak to one of our existing clients if you so wish.


Call us on

01480 213813