Emma Thompson’s Tax Protest

I read that Emma Thompson is joining the protest against tax evasion. This seems very laudable but I fear that her husband’s alleged statement that the couple “wouldn’t pay a penny in tax until those involved in the HSBC scandal are sent to jail” might be misread as tax avoidance itself.

Scammers ahoy!

E-mail scams inviting us to click on links that are likely to cause problems are, to my mind, the scourge of the internet. It’s a shame that this abuse occurs, because the internet is so useful in so many ways otherwise.

The latest variant to hit my inbox is one purporting to be from the software company Sage. You have been warned!

Look forward to a lower state pension!

Pensions Minister, Steve Webb, has announced that the deferral rate for the State Pension will decrease from 1% for every five weeks, about 10.4% p.a., to 1% for every nine weeks, about 5.8% p.a., with effect from April 2016. This will be unwelcome news for those deferring or about to defer their State Pension and may cause many to reconsider drawing their pension.

I do question whether this change is wise, given the continuing vast size of UK Government indebtedness. As ever, time will tell.